Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zeran, The Spy

My eyes were half-closed and I could still see Cedrick trying hard to pretend he was asleep though it showed that he couldn’t sleep. I could tell. His wings were still glowing. I just hoped the spy would not notice it.

“Cedrick!” I hissed at him.


“Your wings are glowing. Turn that off!” I whispered.

“Oh! I forgot!” He just closed his eyes tightly and few seconds after, it wasn’t glowing anymore.

We stayed that way for few minutes more. We just listened to the wind brushing the trees and the bushes. We heard some steps behind the bushes. I think it was the spy. And it move faster towards us.

And yes! Cedrick was right! The spy was a gelf. We finally got him… or her? I wasn’t sure.

The spy touched our weapons and yes! It stunned him…or her?

“Got you boy!” Cedrick exclaimed as he rose instantly. I too stood up.

Vaiola rubbed her eyes and then she stood up at the sight of the stranger we caught.

“Who are you?” I asked the gelf. He stood the same height with Cedrick. He was the image of a usual gelf. Stout with huge feet. But I wasn’t really sure if the gelf was a girl or a boy. He wore a mask.

“He is stunned! He wouldn’t talk!” Vaiola said.

Cedrick rolled his eyes. “Oh yeah! I forgot!” He just blew the head of the gelf. Vaiola trapped the gelf with her arms to prevent him from escaping.

“Who are you?” I took off his mask.

The gelf coughed a bit before. “I aaa-am Zz-ze-zeran, Zeran.” With her voice, we realized she was a girl. The spy was actually a girl.

“Oh! I didn’t see that coming,” Cedrick mumbled. “You’re… You’re a girl.” 

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Giants and Elves: Journey in The Woods

Vaiola stood at the edge of the cliff. I wanted to reach her and grab her away from there. I wanted to keep her safe. I didn’t want to lose her like how I lost my father but no matter what I do, I just couldn’t move.

“Vaiola…” I called. Her hair danced as she turned and I saw how sad she was when the light of the full moon lit up her face.

She reached out her hands as if trying to reach me. “Come…”

I tried to reach her but still I couldn’t. It was as if I was stuck on the ground. It was odd since all of the things around me seemed to move except for me. “Vaiola…” I called her again, this time, trying hard to push myself towards her but it was hard. I could feel my body being pulled away from her.

Tears fell from her eyes as she tried reaching out for me. “George…”

I couldn’t do anything. It was as if my feet were sliding away.

“George… I’m sorry…” I heard her say before a black cloak rose from the cliff behind her.

“Run…” I yelled at her but it was too late. Englum already had her. With his right arm wrapped on Vaiolas’ neck, he grinned at me before they disappeared on the cliff…


Friday, May 27, 2011

The Meeting

My heart was still pounding remembering the cruel death of my father. All I saw just seemed real. It was not just a mere dream. I was there and I saw Englum kill my father. I sat up with George still looking at me. I looked at him straight in the eyes and said. “Let’s get Englum.”

Surprised by what he just said, Cedrick’s eyes widened. “Wow!” He said briefly while staring at me like I was some sort of a weird person. Few seconds later, he started to babble. “Are you high? A long sleep and suddenly you wake up brave enough. That’s cool. Yesterday, you wouldn’t even believe me and you even had a lot of questions and theories. That’s odd huh!” Cedrick blabbered. He talked fast that I couldn’t even catch up with some of the words he said.

“Cedrick… The staff teleported my spirit back to the past.” I said.

Cedrick jerked a bit. He must’ve been surprised that he just stared at me for a minute.

I sighed. “I’m serious. Don’t you believe me? You’re the one who said Trandoz is a world of science and magic. And yes, my spirit traveled back to the past.”

Cedrick tilted his head sideways before he responded. “Yeah. That is true. Physical bodies can teleport but spirits…” he paused. “That’s…”

I didn’t give him a chance to continue. “Also real. Just like what you did to my father’s soul. You extracted his soul and teleported him back to the mortal world. That’s what you did, right?”

He was astounded for a moment and then he nodded. “Well, yeah, it was even my first time to do it. Never thought I could but I did.”

“I saw everything!” I told him. “I knew everything!”

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Battle in Gyaville

Elvarac was then covered with thick smoke. Fire scattered on the area. The sound was deafening and it was as if I could vanish because of the explosion. The smoke was thick that I couldn’t even see my body.

“We must hurry Gilderoy, they’re already attacking Gyaville,” I heard Dad said as he stood clutching his chest while breathing hard.

“No… this can’t be…” while breathing hard, Gilderoy whispered without looking at Dad. He was looking at Gyaville.

Bewildered by Gilderoy’s sudden reaction, Dad looked at the direction of what Gilderoy was looking. “No way,” he whispered like a boy who couldn’t believe what he just saw. I saw it too. Gyaville was already under attack. Black smoke was already rising from the village and fired arrows were flying all over the village like never-ending fireworks.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Treaty

The heat from the sun was blazing and there we stood on top of the watchtower in Fuego together with two archers and the messenger who spoke with Gilderoy earlier in dawn. The tower was so huge and way too different from what I saw when I woke up when I arrived at Trandoz with Cedrick. It stood still like strong and huge stone on top of Fuego.
Dad was holding a wooden telescope in his right hand to his eyes. He must have been sighting the location of the elves.
“When are we going to shoot them Chief?” A Gyard archer standing on the ground shouted.
“Be still archers. We cannot be too aggressive. These elves are not just piece of porridge we can hastily gulp. Just stay on guard and heat up your fire pits,” Gilderoy ordered.
The archer was silenced by what Gilderoy said.
“W-Wha-What’s happening?” confused, Dad suddenly asked himself.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011


The village was peaceful when we got back. The only sounds that I could hear were footsteps of Gyards and the sounds of singing crickets and toads and mellow whoosh of the wind that brushes the trees in the nearby woods. 

“Vargas is fast,” Gilderoy broke the silence. His deep eyes locked into the direction of a huge hut not far from the pathway into Fuego. A glimmer of an oil lamp lit up the small shop of the giant blacksmith. 

Dad turned to see Vargas’ hut. “That’s what we need now. Speed.”

Gilderoy turned to look at him. “You’re scaring me with the way you are talking Farrell.”

Dad just gave Gilderoy a smile. A tedious smile and I knew that Gilderoy saw and knew what that smile meant. Dad was seriously nervous about everything. The thought of what Dad was thinking that time lingered in my mind. What did it felt like if I was in his shoes that time?
“The sun is about to rise Gilderoy, did the Gyards in Fuego spotted any actions from the elves?” Dad changed the topic. Even in the midst of tension, there he was, forcing himself to stay calm.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

In The Grave

He sprinkled it on the floor and the portal appeared again. We’re finally going back to Trandoz. I said to myself as I watch my father’s back slowly disappearing into the portal. Dad… I called out in my mind before I finally stepped into the portal. Dad…

It was already midnight when we returned. Dad and Gilderoy were still inside the tent. An oil lamp was the only source of light inside the tent. I could hear loud footsteps outside the tent. I knew they were the Gyards staying alert and scouting the village.

“Give me the remaining dust Gilderoy,” dad said.

Gilderoy held out the pouch from his pocket and gave it to dad. “Whatever you’re planning for this portal dust, I know it’s for Trandoz’s sake,” he responded.

“I’m worried Gilderoy so we need to save this....”

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