Thursday, March 24, 2011

In The Grave

He sprinkled it on the floor and the portal appeared again. We’re finally going back to Trandoz. I said to myself as I watch my father’s back slowly disappearing into the portal. Dad… I called out in my mind before I finally stepped into the portal. Dad…

It was already midnight when we returned. Dad and Gilderoy were still inside the tent. An oil lamp was the only source of light inside the tent. I could hear loud footsteps outside the tent. I knew they were the Gyards staying alert and scouting the village.

“Give me the remaining dust Gilderoy,” dad said.

Gilderoy held out the pouch from his pocket and gave it to dad. “Whatever you’re planning for this portal dust, I know it’s for Trandoz’s sake,” he responded.

“I’m worried Gilderoy so we need to save this....”

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