Monday, May 16, 2011

Battle in Gyaville

Elvarac was then covered with thick smoke. Fire scattered on the area. The sound was deafening and it was as if I could vanish because of the explosion. The smoke was thick that I couldn’t even see my body.

“We must hurry Gilderoy, they’re already attacking Gyaville,” I heard Dad said as he stood clutching his chest while breathing hard.

“No… this can’t be…” while breathing hard, Gilderoy whispered without looking at Dad. He was looking at Gyaville.

Bewildered by Gilderoy’s sudden reaction, Dad looked at the direction of what Gilderoy was looking. “No way,” he whispered like a boy who couldn’t believe what he just saw. I saw it too. Gyaville was already under attack. Black smoke was already rising from the village and fired arrows were flying all over the village like never-ending fireworks.

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