Friday, May 6, 2011

The Treaty

The heat from the sun was blazing and there we stood on top of the watchtower in Fuego together with two archers and the messenger who spoke with Gilderoy earlier in dawn. The tower was so huge and way too different from what I saw when I woke up when I arrived at Trandoz with Cedrick. It stood still like strong and huge stone on top of Fuego.
Dad was holding a wooden telescope in his right hand to his eyes. He must have been sighting the location of the elves.
“When are we going to shoot them Chief?” A Gyard archer standing on the ground shouted.
“Be still archers. We cannot be too aggressive. These elves are not just piece of porridge we can hastily gulp. Just stay on guard and heat up your fire pits,” Gilderoy ordered.
The archer was silenced by what Gilderoy said.
“W-Wha-What’s happening?” confused, Dad suddenly asked himself.

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