Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zeran, The Spy

My eyes were half-closed and I could still see Cedrick trying hard to pretend he was asleep though it showed that he couldn’t sleep. I could tell. His wings were still glowing. I just hoped the spy would not notice it.

“Cedrick!” I hissed at him.


“Your wings are glowing. Turn that off!” I whispered.

“Oh! I forgot!” He just closed his eyes tightly and few seconds after, it wasn’t glowing anymore.

We stayed that way for few minutes more. We just listened to the wind brushing the trees and the bushes. We heard some steps behind the bushes. I think it was the spy. And it move faster towards us.

And yes! Cedrick was right! The spy was a gelf. We finally got him… or her? I wasn’t sure.

The spy touched our weapons and yes! It stunned him…or her?

“Got you boy!” Cedrick exclaimed as he rose instantly. I too stood up.

Vaiola rubbed her eyes and then she stood up at the sight of the stranger we caught.

“Who are you?” I asked the gelf. He stood the same height with Cedrick. He was the image of a usual gelf. Stout with huge feet. But I wasn’t really sure if the gelf was a girl or a boy. He wore a mask.

“He is stunned! He wouldn’t talk!” Vaiola said.

Cedrick rolled his eyes. “Oh yeah! I forgot!” He just blew the head of the gelf. Vaiola trapped the gelf with her arms to prevent him from escaping.

“Who are you?” I took off his mask.

The gelf coughed a bit before. “I aaa-am Zz-ze-zeran, Zeran.” With her voice, we realized she was a girl. The spy was actually a girl.

“Oh! I didn’t see that coming,” Cedrick mumbled. “You’re… You’re a girl.” 

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